SHW Free Music Materials

Guide to Using the Music

Guide to Using the Music

This website will be used to publish the music produced by SHW in his spare time. The music published at can be used freely in advertisements, movies, games, and other works you produce.
Naturally, you can use this music freely when selling or publishing your completed work. It can be used commercially.
This music can be used for free, and contacting SHW is unnecessary.
(There are a few conditions, but they are similar in style to the Creative Commons)

For example, it can be used in these ways:

* Background music in your self-created game
* Background music in a visual work
* Use in a business advertisement
* Use in software that you plan to sell

Of course, it can be used freely for purposes other than those listed here.

We are sorry, but the following uses are forbidden.

1. Please do not sell SHW music as part of a collection of background music that you charge money for.
2. Please do not directly link to the MP3 files published on this website.
(In order to reduce the server load/amount transferred)

In regards to the copyright

The copyright has not been disclaimed.


* I want to use it in a product or game I intend to sell.
* I want to use it in a broadcast or a podcast.
* I want to use it when I exhibit my works at a contest or competition.
* I want to use it in class, or distribute it to my students.
The music published within can be used for most purposes without obtaining a special license.
It can also be used for works exhibited in contests without obtaining permission.
Also, there is no problem with your works being broadcasted commercially, or if it is used for public relations.
However, we do not consent to selling SHW music in a collection of background music that you charge money for.
Since I would like to use the music, I would like to contact the creator
Please use it freely, it is not necessary to contact the creator.
I would like the sheet music or the midi data
We are sorry, but we cannot offer any data other than the MP3 files.
In regards to songs published on YouTube
Please note that video titles with "NM" written at the end do not contain free music.
On our website, we have put this mark on music that has finished distribution and music created in response to a request from a customer.